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Old Hen Removal

A typical flock cycle is 14 months long. At the end of the cycle the birds will be approximately 72 weeks old. We will organise and schedule the removal of your old flock and explain how to prepare the unit for removal of the hens.

As the time between flocks is short, it is essential that old flocks are removed on time. If the birds are removed late the unit may not be ready for the new flock. If delivery of the new birds has to be delayed, the pullet rearers will charge for keeping them. We therefore do our utmost to ensure old flocks are removed when scheduled.

The period between one flock being removed and the next being delivered is usually 4 weeks. Whilst the unit is empty it does not produce any income; consequently we try to keep the period between flocks as short as possible. However, the period between flocks can be extended to suit individual requirements.

Whether a producer cleans their unit out themselves or employs a contractor, it is absolutely critical to the success of the next flock that it is done well. If you intend to clean out yourself, we can offer advice on how to complete it.

Alternatively, if you intend to use a contractor, we can help you choose one.