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Free Range Agreement

This may seem like an early stage in the process to talk about agreements. However, from the point of viewing your land, we undertake a considerable amount of work on your behalf, using our experience and expertise, to take you to a position where you can build an egg production unit. It is for this reason we ask anyone using our service to sign an agreement at this stage.

The Agreement does not, however, commit you to beginning free range egg production. The only commitment is to become one of our producers if you do begin egg production. Even when you obtain planning permission there is still no obligation to begin production.

Our Agreement is based on a rolling period whereby 56 months notice needs to be given to terminate the Agreement. 56 months is 4 flock cycles, each flock cycle being 14 months long.

The effect of the Agreement is that, regardless of market or economic conditions, we are legally obliged to purchase and collect all eggs produced by you for the lifetime of the Agreement. No other company will commit to buying your eggs for this length of time.

This provides you with a guaranteed long term market for your eggs, securing your income and giving banks the confidence to provide any finance required knowing that, for the long term, you stand more chance of being able to support any borrowing.