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To ensure our producers’ finances are set up correctly and continue to be financially viable, we employ 3 in-house chartered accountants and a former bank manager to assist with all aspects of financial planning including the preparation of cash flows and projections to be used in support of applications for funding.

It’s absolutely critical to ensure a prospective producer is on a good solid financial footing before embarking on a free range egg production project, so we spend a lot of time at this stage making sure everything is in place.

We can deal with your bank manager / lender on your behalf, if you wish, whilst keeping you up-to-date throughout the process. We often work quite closely with new or expanding producers and their bank managers to get a deal on the table.

We have a good relationship with the banks and therefore may be able to obtain your borrowing at a reduced rate of interest. It may only be 0.5% lower but over the lifetime of a loan this could be a substantial saving.

This service, which is completely free of charge, is also available at any point after production commences, for example you may wish to refinance, expand, explore other farm enterprises, or manage a family situation which may require a financial rethink.