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Field Support

We provide a team of experienced Free Range Consultants who give full training and back up support to all of our producers.

Field support is provided through farm visits, 24/7 telephone and email access, as well as office based review of farm performance figures. New producers will, understandably, be anxious prior to the arrival of their first flock and for this reason our field support begins well before the first flock has been delivered.

We discuss any historical use of your land and any farming to be operated alongside the egg production which, in conjunction with your vet, helps to identify any additional vaccines that may be required by your flock. We also carry out a series of pre-housing visits to ensure you are ready for the arrival of your flock, during which we can finalise any paperwork such as your Lion Code and RSPCA Assured registrations. We have produced a Bowler Eggs Manual covering all aspects of free range hen management and we supply all new producers with a copy of this in good time before the flock arrives.

On the day the birds are delivered, your designated Free Range Consultant should be on site to supervise the delivery of the flock and to check on their condition. They will, of course, ensure you feel able and confident to look after your flock before they leave site, and are available via telephone at all times if you have any queries. After the flock has been housed, your Free Range Consultant will usually visit weekly until you are confident with the management of the new birds.

Field support is available to all producers and provides a second pair of eyes to identify and prevent problems. Our Free Range Consultants are there to help and to do all they can to help you achieve the best profit margins and keep up to date with the latest legislation.

We believe that our training programme, operations manual, supporting management documentation and field support are the most comprehensive in the industry.

Field support are there to help, assist and guide, not to run your unit or dictate how it should be run.