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We supply both timber and steel framed buildings to either your own design or to our specification developed during the +34 years we have been building and managing units that comply with the relevant quality marks.

A unit supplied by Bowler Eggs includes the building as well as all the internal equipment you will need. Our years of experience have given us extensive knowledge on what works and what doesn’t, and what you will need and what you won’t. With us you can be sure we won’t sell you that “essential” piece of kit you’ll use only once every ten years, just a long lasting well designed unit. We know what makes a successful free range egg production unit and what you will have invested in is a state of the art unit, designed with the benefit of our many years of experience to maximize your profits without compromising bird welfare.

We take responsibility for ensuring that your free range egg production unit is finished in time to house the pullets on the agreed delivery date. Housing older pullets is fraught with problems - it costs more to keep them at the rearing farm and they are gradually worth less and less as they get older so it is essential to ensure your unit is ready by the agreed pullet delivery date.

Our build department is continually looking for ways to develop our units to ensure that the environment within the units is the best that it can be for bird welfare and to improve efficiency to help reduce labour and management time. A good environment for your birds together with a reduction in man hours should increase the profitability of the unit. When you buy a unit from us, the price agreed is the price you will pay. There are no hidden extras, no contingencies, just one fixed price.

We employ our own build teams, who only work for us and are very experienced. They will supply, build and fit out every aspect of the unit and we are able to incorporate any individual specification into the build project that you may have.

Our free range egg production units feature:

  • Specifically designed lighting systems utilising LED technology to help optimise production.

  • Automatic fans to provide fresh air, air circulation and remove excess heat. No heating is required in a free range unit which reduces costs.

  • Pop holes give the birds access in and out of the unit. These can be automated to reduce labour time.

  • Fresh water is supplied to the birds via drinkers connected to the main water supply. This ensures a constant, regular supply of cost effective, clean water.

  • Raised slatted plastic flooring is used to keep the birds away from the majority of their droppings which will minimise disease risk.

  • The nest boxes are designed so that the eggs roll away from the laying area onto an automatic egg collection belt. This keeps the majority of eggs clean and reduces breakages, which in turn should increase egg income. Collection can be carried out without disturbing the birds.

  • The automatic feeding system leaves no feeding to be done by hand.

  • The feed is delivered in a bulk lorry, which blows the food into storage hoppers. It is then automatically augured to the feeder unit, which disperses food into the chain feeder and then automatically distributes food to the birds.

  • The control room forms part of the unit and incorporates a chilled egg store, helping to keep the eggs at the correct temperature all year round.